How To Reset Epson C43, C58, C67, C87, R210, R230, R300

How to reset Epson R230 printer (can be used for Epson C43, C58, c67, c87, R210, R230, R300, etc.):

1. The first step of course must the printer driver have installed . To Download epson driver, click HERE ....

2. Download the Epson Resetter Software first. Epson Resetter Software called "SSCSERVE" and you can download it HERE ...

After download resetter, install this resetter. Previous Turn on the printer.
After install epson resetter, the window will appear.

Then follow this step :

- at Installed Printers: select according to your printer.
- at Printer Model: select according to your printer.
- Then close the window by click the cross in the corner.

(Image shown below): click image to enlarge.

2. Then in the bottom right icon "SSCSERVE", right-click on it, then it will show sscserve menu (as below):

After the display appears, then select Protection Counter, and click the Reset Protection Counter. Then turn off the printer and turn on again.

So the problem will disappear and the printer returns to normal. And you are able to smile with relief ... hehehehe.... ² Because only a few minutes, the problem solved and no money for the cost of reset.

Good luck ... ² !

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Tetap gak bisa, printer sy epson r230x, dilayar muncul "Printer off, or some other problem" padahal printer on dan udah dicek kabelnya. tolong solusinya!

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